Dancing Porkchop came about in 2003 during a group project for my Crew Resource Mangement (CRM) class at UND. The assignment was to make a video dealing with various aspects of CRM. While planning our video, something came up about our professor having had the nickname "Porkchop" when he had attended UND. Well, that got me thinking about ways we could bust the professors chops (no pun intended) a little. I said, "How about a production company name like, Dancing Porkchop Productions?" Well, it stuck and I've been using it ever since.


Today, Dancing Porkchop Productions, is a repository for my ideas and hobbies. The main works you will find on this site are Music Videos, Home Movies, and Various Drawings and Sketches I have done. I invite everyone who views this site and enjoys what they see to get active and join the forums. Tell me what you like and don't like. Help me figure out what I need to do to push this site to the next level.

The Future

As my skills progress and my ideas begin coming together I would like to see Dancing Porkchop Productions take on a more professional edge. I would love to see my web comic come together. Eventually I would like to see this go from comic to animation production. My pipe dream would be seeing my comic turned anime debut on Adult Swim, but one thing at a time. With positive feedback and helpful suggestions from any fans of this site, this might someday be a reality. for now I'll do my best to move towards this goal.



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