Hunting Videos

Welcome to the Dancing Porkchop Productions Hunting Video section. All videos below are from different hunts I've video taped over the last year or so. At the request of my Dad, I put these together so that he could show them when he has to give talk or presentations about his various hunts. Some are music videos, others are more documentary like. The longer ones will only be available in small format because of space constraints. There may be blood and/or shooting in these videos. If that offends you, don't watch them. And don't bitch at me. I couldn't really care less if you take offense.

Tanzania - 2005

This video was made using clips from my dad's home video taken during his Africa Hunt. There is a little Blood in this video. If it offends you just remember, you were warned and I don't care. I also apologize that I'm not able to present this video in a larger size. Even at the small size it's nearly 170 MB. That being said, watch and enjoy.


New Zealand - 2005

This video was made using clips from our New Zealand Hunt. I went along for this one and did most of the taping myself. When I cut this together I picked Ted Nugent's song Hammerdown for the musical track. It seemed right and turned out very well. Rock On Nugent!!!!!


Argentina Duck Hunting Preview

This video was made using clips from our Argentina Duck Hunt. The Actual video still hasn't been completed yet. At least the preview is cool.



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