Welcome to the Dancing Porkchop Productions Images section. You will find many different types of images here. Anything from sketches I've done (and found to be internet worthy) to Finshed computer art I've done. There is also a Photos section. I have decided to do this as an offsite gallery to simplify my work somewhat. My Web Comics section will be based of from writings found in the Stories section, once I have some posted and have time to draw them.

September 27 , 2006

posted by - Harblar

The Photos section is finished, until I get around to scanning or taking more digital photos. So far there are two pages worth! whoo hoo! Though I've got another 100 or more I need to scan into the computer. I'll get to it sooner or later. When I do expect to see pictures from my first three years in college, Including both Spring Break trips south of the border.

September 23 , 2006

posted by - Harblar

The Photos section is finally up. I finally figured out a cool and easy way to update and put pictures into it. Check it out. I'll be adding pictures to it from the last couple of years. Mostly a lot from this summer though. Yay for digital cameras.

September 21 , 2006

posted by - Harblar

Just added four more new images to the drawings section. Four sketches I did during my vacation trips this summer. I was drinking near a beach. Nuff said.

May 15, 2006

posted by - Harblar

Just added four new images to the drawings section. That brings the total to 22. Check em out. Just a note, these pages will always link to the page with the newest pics. Be sure to browse the previous pages.

May 13, 2006

posted by - Harblar

The drawings section is up and running. If you click on a thumbnail, it will pop up a window with a larger image and a description of the picture. It just shows that there IS a method to the madness. Enjoy and be sure to post any comments you have on them in the images section of the forum. or email... I don't care. I'd just really like the feedback.

April 29, 2006

posted by - Harblar

With the new graphics and updated The various image sections should be online soon... I should be getting my new digital camera Monday. So that'll fill things up quicker than me having to scan pics for the rest of my life.


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